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How to download songs using Amazon Music on my device?

Amazon Music can be accessed on multiple devices such as streaming devices like Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, and more. You can avail amazon music along with your Amazon Prime Video membership. Amazon Music allows users to access a large database of music in different languages, zoners, and regions. Also, you can listen to your favorite artist and your favorite album on Amazon Music. But to do everything on your device apart from laptop or mobile you need to register your device with Amazon Music and for this, you need to follow a procedure.

Steps to activate Prime Music using

This procedure includes quick and easy steps that will help you to connect your device with Amazon Music.

Check out the following steps to access Amazon Music on your device:

Step 1: Install the Application To install the Amazon Music application on your device you need to connect your device with a stable internet connection. Now go to the app store of the device and search for Amazon Music application. Now select the application and click on the Install option available on the screen. Now within a few minutes, the application will be installed in your device.

Step 2: Get the activation code To find the activation code install the Amazon Music app on your device. As a result, the device will display an activation code on the screen with instructions to activate the code. In case your device does not show instruction then follow the rest of the process.

Step 3: Activate the code To activate the code go to with the help of a web browser. Now login to your Amazon Music account and reach the activation page. At the activation page, you need to enter the code of the device and click on continue.

Steps to download songs using Amazon Music

Proceed with these steps to download songs on Amazon Music:

• Go to the Amazon Prime Music app.

• Login with your Amazon account details.

• Now from the huge library of songs, select the song you want to download.

• Not all the songs are allowed to download

• If the song selected by you has a “Download” sign only then you can download the song.

• After selecting the song click on the “Download” sign available on the screen.

• This will start the downloading process. The songs will be downloaded in the specific device only. If you switch your device then you need to download the songs again.